Isaac Pola y Eva Pando. 

The Minister of Employment, Industry, and Tourism, Isaac Pola, announced this Saturday that his department will put this year at the disposal of companies around 30 million euros to favor its creation and consolidation. This is a set of grants that will be in force throughout the month of July and will be divided into four main lines: business creation, growth, innovation, and internationalization.

Pola has offered a press conference in which he has appeared accompanied by Eva Pando, general director of the Economic Development Institute of Asturias (Idepa), which will channel these grants, “adapted to the different types of companies to respond to their needs during any phase of its life cycle. “

In 2016, this type of aid added financial support of 27.7 million, of which 543 approved projects benefited, and

generated investments of 94.3 million. 2,126 jobs were created or maintained in the same framework. 69.74% of the projects financed were initiatives of companies with less than 10 workers, according to Pola.

These are grants focused mainly on the industrial sector and advanced services and support to companies. In total, 1.9 million euros will be allocated to facilitate the creation of companies, especially those of an innovative nature. In addition, they will receive advisory services to finalize their business plan through the European Business and Innovation Center, as well as financial support through the call for aid to Idepa-based companies and the participative loans offered by the Regional Promotion Society ( SRP), through its Seed Fund, for small innovative projects- quick no credit check loans up to $5000.

The highest amount of 25.6 million will be allocated to the growth phase, given that, “although the creation of a new business fabric is a relevant objective, it is no less encouraging the growth of our companies, taking into account that 93% of them have less than five workers “.

To support companies to increase their production, financial, commercial or technological capabilities, the entities that make up the Idepa group will allocate 16.5 million in financial aid to favor investments, especially in fixed assets. Specifically, the Idepa has 5.5 million for this purpose, the SRP with four, and Asturgar expects to grant guarantees for other 6.6 million.

The counselor has also announced that, together with the financial support measures, a support program for the restructuring of companies and another for supporting growth are being implemented. Pola stressed that small businesses can benefit from the aid designed to a greater extent than the large firms because they contemplate minimum investments of 30,000 euros. In addition, in the evaluation criteria, small and newly created companies will have priority to obtain a subsidy that ranges from 10% to 40% of the eligible investment in the case of Idepa grants.



On the other hand, in order to help companies in their growth processes, the council provides innovation support measures for an amount of 9.1 million. These initiatives, like those of support for investment, consider the different needs of companies. Among these measures are innovation checks for small projects that require advice and participation in European networks Eranet; the possibility of participating in R & D & I consortiums with European companies; Support for Industry 4.0, and the aid to R & D projects and to tractor companies.

In innovation projects, companies can obtain grants of up to 80% of the eligible investment, and small firms can achieve the highest percentages with projects with high innovative content.

With regard to aid for internationalization, this year will have 1.6 million and the support of Asturex to offer its network of international partners and its knowledge of foreign markets. These initiatives, “along with the efforts of companies, have contributed to the number of companies that regularly export has increased in the last five years by 28.6% from 401 companies to 516,” he stressed.